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  • Provide consultation to the Children from the families of economically poor and who are affected by the ADD, ADHD, Autism, Stress and Depression and Edu-Therapy on free of charges.
  • Provide consultation and counseling on Adolescent, Juvenile, Vision Therapy, Touch Therapy to the people from economically weaker section of teenagers and adults on free of charges.
  • Provide training on Personality Development, Hypnotherapy and Neuro Linguistic Program (NS-NLP) and Brain-Gym movements to achieve the target on free of charges to any individual, institute, organization and welfare associations who are all rendering their services to the poor and needy people.
  • Further the trust has its main motto to establish and provide medical relief to all classes of people all over the world, through medical and allied engineering institutions, eye Hospitals, Dental Hospitals, etc; all types of Research institutions and Foundations in order to cure all types of diseases.
  • It also should pave way for establishing Blood Bank, Eye Bank, and providing all kinds of help for the needy.
  • The trust should arrange for literacy classes for drivers and adults on traffic rules and regulations, to use audio visual aids for literacy services, to extend hands and co – operate with all types of government and local body establishments in all types of public welfare matters.
  • Pay attention to the Down – Trodden, weaker sections of the society; Handicapped and Ex – serviceman, in all matters relating to their welfare in all the possible ways; focusing its special cave towards dalits, downtrodden, poor women and children of the society. The Trust will give stipend to the children of all types under this category to continue their education till they settle them elves in life.
  • In order to promote the welfare of the poor women and children, the trust should pay attention, towards their education, training and all types of avocations.
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