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Projects to be paid attention to
In a much as the trust has taken up the plan and decision for the upliftment of International welfare as a whole, it will be concentrating on the following welfare projects of the human world. This is very much in need to create awareness among the people for the protection of the environment and human world as a whole.
  1. There is a need to create human rights awareness to the society.
  2. It is totally obligatory to provide shelter, food, clothes, medical assistance and education to the physically handicapped and mentally retarded members in the society. Even under mothers and orphans fall under this category.
  3. Free legal Aids and Adolescent counseling are to be under taken periodically.
  4. The trust will pay attention to Adolescent? counseling, Human Rights Awareness and programmes an aids awareness followed by medical camps to give treatment
  5. Helping the Juvenile Delinquents by legal aspects and abolishing the child labour will also fall under the programme of the trust.
  6. Presently the uncared for aged people need all sorts of help from the society. Such uncared for aged will be provided shelter, food, clothes and medical aids by the Trust.
Thus the trust should rise up to the occasion for the cause of the needy world and lend its helping hand by paying attention to projects as detailed above.

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