Donate for Aoi All Online donations are 100% tax exempt under section 35AC of the income Tax Act, 1961

An educational service organization registered under Indian Trust Acts 1882 and under Indian Income Tax Act 1261 for social and charitable purpose on 9th October 2003 at Chennai, India to facilitate proper authority for functioning for the cause of the public.

In reality, many of Indian families do not have the facilities or supports to talented young minds to achieve their desirous (it may be in the field of engineering or medical). This is only accentuated by the low income of the families, who still feel a need to send t he child to work instead of school, in order to supplement the family’s income, however meager it may be. Also it is very miserable to say that most of the families are not able to send their children to higher level educations even though they scored higher rank in the academic. Further they are in want of some training and coaching to sharpen their skill to requirement of professional entrance examinations.

Very rarely we are getting information through various news media that son’s or daughter’s of very low income parents are occurred high score in the academic to get into medical and engineering admissions. But if somebody extend their help to the talented students in the schools, we can here that many number of students from lower income family has got sheets medical and engineering colleges. We the AOI realized the requirements of highly talented poor students and extended its helps to the needy talented poor students to get high level training to compete with the well to do students in professional entrance examinations.

Even though, the objectives of the trust are many more to do the socio economic development of poor and downtrodden, the trust has been doing its best especially in the educational sphere, due to want of funds and financial constraints.

The Trust whole heartedly welcomes all kinds of donations from all sections of people, well wishers and Govt. Bodies and requests them to donate liberally for the humanitarian and noble cause of the Trust. The donations are exempted under 80G of Income Tax Act 1961.

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